Vaccinations and Immunisations

We offer vaccination services for both children and adults, covering all the relevant childhood vaccinations (for all age groups) as well as a range of vaccination options for adults.

Travelling to different countries is a wonderful adventure and one that exposes you to many amazing experiences. Unfortunately it can also expose you to a range of health risks. Fortunately, medical science has developed effective vaccines available at most medical centres and travel clinics so you can stay protected against many diseases that could cause you great illness and ruin your holiday or worse.

You should make an appointment to see one of our experienced practitioners around one to two months before you depart in order to allow sufficient time for your vaccinations. If you are planning a quick last minute trip however, we can still assist you. Our Practitioners will look at your medical history, travel destinations, duration and season of travel to offer expert advice on the right vaccinations and medications for you.