We Have Moved

We are now located at 71 Murray Street

Welcome To All Round Health & Community Care

We are a registered non for profit charitable health promotion service focusing on community health care needs.

Our model of care is focused on provision of preventative services as well as early intervention to enhance wellness of the whole person. In addition to our General Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners, we engage a range of Allied Health Professionals to provide comprehensive care.

We aim to fill gaps in not only health interventions but also in service delivery, with a focus on individuals at risk or that are in vulnerable situations.

Therefore we are determined to work with individuals as well as their General Practitioners and any other health provider involved in their care.

Consumer engagement and service delivery is a major focus of our service. We have the ability to provide outreach services, as well as in-house servicing; removing the complications associated with navigating the system and services.



The Parkinsons Edge Program

Mindfulness is a simple form of meditation, it’s a way of being in the present moment and learning to be confident in how to approach it. It teaches us to slow down and notice what’s happening right now.


The B.E.E.R Program

The Be Enhanced, Educated and Ready program looks at planning ahead for the future. It is all about being prepared and ready for whatever life throws at us later in life.


The Balance Beyond program

The Balance Beyond program is designed to improve your musculoskeletal strength. By improving our muscle tone we increase our body’s stability, fitness and strength. This reduces the chance of future falls as well as enhancing our overall wellbeing.


The Life Program

The Learning Independence For Enablement program is aimed at individuals who are living with a chronic disease or condition. This program will prevent individuals from falling through cracks in the health care system. 


The Thoughts Ahead Program

The Thoughts Ahead program is focused on enhancing and improving one’s cognitive ability.
Our professionals identify areas that could cause cognitive decline.


The WOW Program

The Women Without Worry program is aimed at making sure that one feels comfortable and secure about their future. Ageing can be daunting as we feel less in control of our bodies.



As a non for profit organisation, we rely on donations to help us provide vital health services to Hobart's homeless and vulnerable. We are currently seeking donations for our two projects.

If you are interested in holding a fundraising event at your workplace, please contact us.

Mobile Health Street Clinic

Goal $85,000

Medical Supplies

Goal $40,000