Children & Resilience

Children’s Anxiety Levels Rising

Children born between 1995 and 2009 are said to be advanced technologically, well educated and connected worldwide.

Labeled as Generation Z we must ask ourselves, Why are we noticing an increase in anxiety levels?

Surveys on emotional wellbeing were conducted on children aged 4-17 years of age and have indicated increased anxiety levels. Psychologists have reflected upon the vastness of worries that are being displayed upon our children, these go beyond the normal issues that children would experience. School pressures about exams now commence earlier due to Naplan and continue to progress through to their Yr12 final exams, all this causing heightened anxiety.

All About A Healthy You can help your children cope with these stressors, through learning strategies, values alignment including motivational techniques, goal setting and releasing anxiety through Time Line Therapy we can help your child through difficult times.


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