Skin Checks

DON’T FORGET YOUR SKIN CHECK… Queensland has one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world. Luckily, if found early, most dangerous moles and spots can be removed which significantly reduces your risk of developing skin cancer. If you’ve noticed a change in a mole or spot, don’t risk your health. Get your skin […]

Nutritional Counselling

by David Patras  – All Round Health and Community Care Nutritional counselling is a type of assessment made by a health professional who works with an individual to analyse their diet. The counsellor identifies where change is needed to improve the overall health of the client through diet and nutrition. It is an ongoing process […]

Children & Resilience

Children’s Anxiety Levels Rising Children born between 1995 and 2009 are said to be advanced technologically, well educated and connected worldwide. Labeled as Generation Z we must ask ourselves, Why are we noticing an increase in anxiety levels? Surveys on emotional wellbeing were conducted on children aged 4-17 years of age and have indicated increased […]


12 week healthy ageing

Week 8 Shanthi Bhavana   “Introduction to Chair Yoga”   On Friday July 17, 2015, I was invited to present “Introduction to Chair Yoga” as part of the exciting “12-Week Healthy Ageing Program” at the Loftus Community Centre, Leederville.   The 1-hour Yoga session was billed as, …will help increase your flexibility, strengthen the relationship […]


Employment Opportunities

Registered Psychologist All Round Health and Community Care are currently seeking a Registered Psychologist to work part-time at our organisation. We are looking for innovative, proactive members to join our dynamic team of professionals. Salary packaging is available. If you are interested please contact us on 1300 309 599 or email admin@roundhealth.org.au Allied Health Professionals All Round Health […]