12 week healthy ageing

Week 8

Shanthi Bhavana


“Introduction to Chair Yoga”


On Friday July 17, 2015, I was invited to present “Introduction to Chair Yoga” as part of the exciting “12-Week Healthy Ageing Program” at the Loftus Community Centre, Leederville.


The 1-hour Yoga session was billed as, …will help increase your flexibility, strengthen the relationship between your body, mind and breath whilst increasing the strength of your inner core… perfect for beginners through to the more advanced – and that’s exactly what this session was, with I believe, a very important point of focus. Rather than rolling out yoga mats onto the floor, we instead focused on the practice of what Yoga is, and how it can be adapted – to suit every individual, and every environment.


“Chair Yoga” can be practiced anywhere, anytime and by anyone, using a chair, table, wall or any stable prop to aid the practice of physical movement exercise with security and safety. It is particularly good for people with injuries, or those suffering illness, or experience limited range of movement, or lack of flexibility… and let’s face it, that’s most of the population!


Chair Yoga provides a wonderful daily practice, especially useful for older people who may find it difficult to get down onto the floor… and back up again. It gives about 80% of traditional Yoga exercise using a chair or other secure prop, to stabilise the body – helping to build core strength and increase flexibility and range of movement in a low-impact, gentle way that does not burden the heart.

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